Sunday, January 15, 2012

Merry Christmas... almost a month late

Merry Christmas!

Yes, almost a month late, but better late than never.

Brian and I spent most of the Christmas season pretty sick... in fact, we didn't even end up getting to go to Christmas dinner because we were afraid of getting his family sick :( But, we stayed the night at my mom's on Christmas Eve and opened presents there, which was fun! Mom got me a sewing machine, which I am excited to get to use (once we have the junk room cleaned up and converted to my craft room, of course), and I got Brian lots of movies, an awesome belt buckle, and a couple other things that I can't remember right now.

After Christmas morning, though, we crashed on the couch and watched a little "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" before heading home to spend our Christmas night sick, but at least in the company of our mrowers... not that Brian had been lacking in feline company. I am going to call him the "Cat Whisperer" from now on... Christmas Eve we were watching TV before bed and I get off the couch for three minutes and come back to find: 

Apparently Lynx and Sosci find him as magnetic as his kittens do. But, then again, he was also running a pretty high fever at this point, so probably the ideal spot for a cold kitten to sleep. :) 

Too tired to do much, we went home and decided to wait to give the kittens their Christmas present until a few days later... and, as per usual, they (and Brian) were more interested in the packaging than the actual gift... 

Hank immediately emerged at the sound of cardboard and crinkly paper, hoping to get a brand new toy... 

Brian, ever the child stuck in an adult's body, wanted in on the fun playing with packing material.

Unfortunately, Brian failed to convince Hanklin that it would be fun to jump through the styrofoam tube. 

Only once we actually took their new toy downstairs and filled it with food, did they realize that maybe it was something they would be interested in... now they'll have food whether we're here or not! Yay!

With Brian's parents getting older, it was getting imperative that we buy them an automatic feeder. Before, we couldn't leave for a few days without finding someone, usually his parents, to come and feed them morning and night. Now, we know that they'll have food if we leave for the weekend and will be fine without anyone checking on them. And, if we're gone for an extended period of time then we only need someone to check on them every couple of days. 

So, really, the gift of freedom for us! And, best of all, we got to utilize this new found freedom over New Years weekend, where we went up to some friend's place near Priest River and played games, had fun with sparklers, and other general merriment. :) 

And, with that I'll leave you with a few gems.


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