Monday, December 26, 2011

Home Improvement with the Mrowsers

Mrowsering (verb) 

     1. what a mrower does all day 
     2. when a mrower investigates new additions to his or her surroundings

In our never ending quest to reach a sustainable level of organization, we decided to buy a few drawer and shelving units to organize my overflowing craft supplies… because those are the only things needing further organization. Or not… though it’s a start at least.

After opening the packaging, the mrowers awoke from their slumbering on their cat condo and lent a few helping paws to the construction process. 

Of course, their version of helping mostly consisted of mrowsering around the area, creating as many diversions as possible to distract us humans while they stole off with the most interesting (and usually important) components.

This time, operation distraction fell to Steve who, predictably, decided to insert himself right in the middle of the action so that we would, no doubt, make comments about the cuteness of Steve trying to help his people. 

Meanwhile, invariably, Hanklin performed a stealthy theft of the drawer knobs package. Normally, the boys sneak down to the basement with their prey, growling the entire time, but Hanklin decided this was too much fun to not play with on the cat condo. 

Poor Hanklin, his brother obviously failed to distract the humans for long enough so that he could get the package open before it was retrieved and the drawers completed. 

However, upon the completion of the drawers, Hanklin's mrowersing of the junk room commenced as we began organizing all the boxes just littering the room and closet.  

Typically, the boys are banned from the junk room, but this extended stay allowed him to fully explore all of the weird human oddities stored in there. 

But, like all mrowsers, he soon tired of investigating and decided that supervision was more his specialty, as he sat on his thrown, watching over his minions. 

Mrowsering is hard work, how do humans do it every day?

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