Wednesday, May 29, 2013

On Your Birthday

My dearest Ashlynn,

Today I woke up, went online and in the corner of my browser, Facebook reminded me that today is your birthday. Today is a day where we should be celebrating all that you've gone through and wishing you the best over the next year. Instead, we spend today in remembrance of you, celebrating the time that we were blessed to have with you.

And now, once again, I'm left trying to articulate just how much of an impact you've had upon my life. Ashlynn, your fight taught me what true strength looks like. Every day was a battle that you conquered with such grace, courage, and resilience. Despite that constant battle, you never let it get in the way of how deeply you cared about others. I can't help but think nearly every day.

Ashlynn, I wish I could write some eloquent prose that fully encapsulates all that you meant to me and to those whose lives you touched. But for now, I'll settle for this: although your time on this earth was much too short, touched the lives of more people than most of us will ever touch over the course of many decades.

Fly high, baby girl.

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