Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Meet the Mrowsers

Mrower hour (noun)
      1. the time of day or night when the mrowers come out to play
      2. when a mrower begins mrowsering

Sitting in bed, with two kittens panting at our feet, it becomes more apparent than ever: we don't own these cats, they own us. For the past half hour, they have been chasing after a crumpled up piece of paper, each time bringing it back to bed and dropping it in their humans' laps with the intent of saying "I command you to throw this again." And, inevitably, we do. Why? Because they're our mrowsers...

Introducing the Mrowsers

Name: Steve
Age: 2.5 years
Namesake: College frat cook
Nickname: Esteban
Occupation: Mrowsering
Interests: food, strings, stealing raw meat
Favorite Toy: Skitch the Sasquatch
Special Talent: paw-eye coordination

Name: Hank
Age: 2.5                   
Namesake: College frat cook
Nickname: Hanklin
Occupation: Mroswe
Interests: playing fetch, licking, attacking his brother
Fears: anything new
Special Talent: playing fetch with himself

So there we have it, the mrowsers... and their lovely pets, Christa and Brian.


Now, just sit back and let the insanity begin...

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